Who we are

The world of people and work is transforming. With the growing impact of automation, there’s obsolescence of some professions (or a human role in them). And the introduction of entirely new ones is already happening. The importance of flexibility in the content, capability and location of work is all undergoing a metamorphosis. It is in this environment of exciting change, evolving opportunities and growing challenges that HR Techi plays a critical role.

HR Techi is a new-age, niche media organization with a vision to be a pivotal thought leader in the arena of people and work. We focus on providing the world of talent and work with a plethora of insights that enable talent professionals to have an intellectual point of view and the ability to make decisions that create a big impact. We bring the talent fraternity abreast with new ideas, trends, technological innovations, expert viewpoints and new pathways that raise its collective consciousness and help in finding all the answers pertinent to people and work. And, we believe, that when talent professionals have all the answers, they themselves become the answer to the questions and challenges the world of talent faces from time to time.

We also believe that only when thoughts translate into actions that impacts are delivered and the real difference is made. This is the understanding that helps us to provide talent professionals with insights and a knowledge base that fuels them to not only develop better viewpoints but also, execute better. It is this understanding that makes us what we are, the nerve centre of people and work.

Today, this has made HR Techi become the largest digital community in Asia. Be it the rich industry-specific content or the custom events that let you rub shoulders with an eclectic mix of the intelligentsia from around the globe, HR Techi emits, directs and controls the flow of information that makes transformative action possible. The proof of this is HR Techi TechHR which we host. Ready with its seventh edition now, it is the largest and most coveted HR technology conference in the whole of Asia.

We architect learning experiences and offer high-quality media products by leveraging our presence across mediums like digital, print and physical initiatives.