Secure Your Future: Huge Disruptions Coming to Recruitment

Disruptive innovations are like missiles launched at your Career. At the peak of its success, Kodak employed 145,000 people, but today Apple only employs 47,000 and Facebook 7,000.  Technology is progressing at a record pace, and the fear is that many of the workers lacking skill sets would be redundant, eventually losing their job.

The talent acquisition process has been largely the same for 30 years. Now it is time for a good shake-up. Big Changes are coming, and it’s not just because of automation. It is also due to the changing expectations of job seekers in terms of where and how they want to engage.

While technology disruption and Innovations in recruitment methodology are already underway and will continue to accelerate in the near future, Most Talent Acquisition leaders are unprepared to deal with the possible disruption.

Disruption doesn’t announce itself, and once it has arrived, it’s too late.

How do you position yourself to recognize the inevitable forces of disruption and seize the upside?

1. Ask and be asked uncomfortable questions

Human vulnerability to negative disruption stems from a natural tendency to focus on the factors – that have driven success to date, even as global shifts demand new approaches. If the questions make you feel uncomfortable, you’re doing it right. If you feel comfortable, you’re not there yet. Keep working on the questions until the feeling of comfort goes away.

2. Skill up or say goodbye to your career

Replace habits with learning. Make room for innovation. The new economy is upon us and digital disruption needs you as much. So you have to start mapping an up-skill route to continue to be relevant in the existing and new markets. Like in headhunting Recruitment Marketing Automation is making waves and it is helping many HR teams solidifying their  efforts, saving money, and increasing the number and quality of candidates entering the pipeline

3. Develop Resilience

Cultivate your ability to weather disappointment and turbulence. The future is uncertain and you’ll likely encounter setbacks no matter how much you prepare and plan. The most successful people have resilience. They work with purpose, bounce back from setbacks, and look at mistakes as learning experiences.

Remember that, although the pace of change can be glacial, the glaciers cannot be avoided. Disruption will, eventually, reach its destination. The disruptive innovation is at first applied to a small, unattractive niche, and it seems easy to ignore. Gradually it matures, improves in quality and capability, and then switches over to the mainstream. In the early stages of its advance, it will seem to many people as though nothing is happening. By the time the shift is felt, it will seem sudden. But if you’ve started early to prepare, you’ll be ready for it.