Is Recruitment Marketing Automation Future of Hiring

Competition for talent is getting fiercer every year. Recruiters need a new approach that goes beyond job-boards and recruiting agencies—something that uses cutting-edge technology to target passive job candidates.

Today, job seekers are like consumers. They make carefully researched decisions at their own pace, knowing all the while that they have all of the leverage and can be as particular as they want about what they’re looking for in a place of employment. 

Although recruiting and marketing are certainly different, it turns out there’s a lot of overlap between the two. For example, both recruiters and marketers seek to build relationships, foster trust, uncover new leads and warm up prospects for the ultimate goal of conversion.

Specifically, Marketing Automation can help recruiters build stronger relationships by:

1. Engaging across platforms: From email to social media to text messages to phone calls, the list of ways to engage with others is seemingly endless these days. A marketing automation agency  can help drive engagement across any number of platforms as well as tie information together across these platforms 

2. Getting the timing right: Getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time is a must and the knowledge about candidates and employers that a marketing automation agency can help you do just that.

3. Nurturing relationships long term: Even if someone isn’t ready to make a job change or a company doesn’t have an open position to fill right now, it doesn’t mean they won’t have those needs going forward. Therefore, you need to keep these candidates and employers warm by nurturing the relationship long term. A marketing automation agency can help by continuing to drive engagement and capturing changes in activity and preferences.

4. Providing insight: How well did a campaign do? Did an email receive a lot of opens and clicks? Who took action from a personalized ad? A marketing automation platform can answer all of these questions and more to provide insight on recruiting performance.

Head hunters know very well that recruitment can’t stay as it is. Something has to change, and that change is going to start with the way that we attract job candidates and build employer brands.