Home is where HR is: Companies are coming up with new onboarding processes in Covid times

At clean luxury makeup brand, Asa Beauty, new employees are gifted a personalised kit from the brand, Vahdam gifts employees a branded mug, chocolates and an assortment of teas while at HealthifyMe, new recruits are sent kits with a gym bag, sipper, coffee mug, skipping rope, yoga mat and a grow-your-own-microgreens kit. Digital-first companies like TrulyMadly and CoinSwitch Kuber include a laptop and peripherals in their kits.

Welcome to the new onboarding processes of the pandemic-influenced age. Here, fresh hires are introduced to the company’s ethos, made to feel as though they are a part of the business, eased into the office’s culture from afar — and gifted hampers tailored to the brand on their first day at work.

At crypto exchange platform CoinSwitch Kuber, the introduction to company culture begins right from the interview rounds. “A unique aspect of our interviews is the Culture Round where we evaluate if the candidate is a right fit for our core values . You may be a great talent, but if you don’t fit into our values, then CoinSwitch may not be the right place for you,” says founder Ashish Singhal. “When an employee joins, we help an underprivileged woman restart her business through a financial grant. This contribution is done by us on behalf of the employees. It is our way of attracting them to the core purpose of the organisation,” he adds.

A virtual movie night is used as an icebreaker at health platform HealthifyMe. “Watching movies is fun and watching it (virtually) with the entire company is 10x the fun and an experience in itself,” says Nauman Shakib, director of human resources at HealthifyMe. “We opened up a live chat when the movie started and it broke all barriers. Everyone was typing away their thoughts, memes were flowing in along with opinions and scene predictions. The new joinees got a sense of how vibrant and open the culture we have is since many senior members too were expressing their thoughts in the chat.”

For makeup brand Asa Beauty, having a hybrid work structure has worked in its favour. On the days when employees are in office (they WFH on alternate days), Asa Beauty’s in-house brand expert conducts product-training makeup lessons for new joinees to introduce them to the brand. Founders Asha and Sukriti Jindal Khaitan describe it as “a fun room where work turns into play”. They say this has helped new joinees get closer to the company, and “seniors are open to taking advice and learning from juniors /new joinees and vice versa.”

Professional network Apna, which has achieved unicorn status, hosts a weekly virtual team lunch to help new joinees meet their colleagues. “Being a young company, we ensure there are maximum avenues of collaboration for exchange of ideas and inspiration,” says Nirmit Parikh, founder and CEO. “We give equal emphasis to relaxed sessions and activities that break the ice and warm up the teams.”

Vahdam India has moved back to office full-time. But when employees were working from home, founder Bala Sarda would ensure that during the weekly collaborative reviews for all departments, he would speak to the new recruits in each team.

Dating app TrulyMadly uses a traditional meet-and-greet to build that initial bond. Says CEO and cofounder Snehil Khanor: “When the pandemic hit and we could not meet in person anymore, so we decided to be pragmatic and mould the culture accordingly. We introduced new activities to engage the team members like playing Pictionary, going on quarterly off-sites and having dogfooding sessions [where employees get to test a new service before it is made available publicly] for every department.”

Source: The Economic Times

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