5 Interesting Facts About Recruitment Marketing Automation

Not only are businesses across the globe getting huge benefits from successful recruitment marketing, but it’s contributed to significant improvements for candidates, and their experience engaging with companies.

Here are a few interesting facts about RMA to help you get better acquainted with this new and intriguing technology.

Reach Passive Candidates

Best Talent is not actively looking for new roles. Recruitment automation enables you to reach passive candidates, meaning those who might not have otherwise considered joining your team. These candidates might be happy in their current roles but still open to new opportunities.

Save Your Team Time and Resources

By reaching candidates through recruitment marketing automation, your team can save time and resources that might have otherwise been spent doing repetitive tasks

Better Candidate Experience

The relationship between your company and a candidate doesn’t start when they “click” apply, it begins the very first time they encounter your business. At this “pre-applicant” stage, the candidate experience is incredibly important.

Stronger Employer Branding

People don’t apply to companies, people apply to brands. They’re looking for commonality, some idea, or a sense of mission that they share with your organization. The way that you project and market your brand is deeply important. To do this at scale, and do it in a way that is measurable, you need recruitment marketing.

Increased Diversity

There’s a lot of data out there to support the fact that diverse teams are more effective. The challenge that companies face though, is attracting people that meet their diversity requirements. Recruitment marketing helps organizations become a lot more proactive about the talent personas that they’re going after.

Recruitment Marketing Automation can help your team get a leg up on the competition and secure top talent in today’s tight labour market. RMA also help you save time and money on your hiring efforts while driving qualified candidates to your open roles