17% Tech Mahindra Employees Resigned In 90 Days; 20% Working From Office As 80% Staff Now Vaccinated

As people are becoming more and more familiar with the covid-19 lifestyle, corporates are also projecting a double-digit growth. And the main ingredient for any kind of growth prospectus is Human Resources, industries are bolstering their human resource arsenal. Nowadays, a company that is making the headlines in this regard is Tech Mahindra.

Stellar Human Resources preparation for stellar growth
According to reports, Tech Mahindra added 5,200 employees in the recent June quarter. The company is also looking forward to tripling its fresher intake this year as it is confident about double-digit growth in Financial Year 2021-22.
During the earnings call on July 29, CEO and MD CP Gurnani, asserted, “We will increase the fresher intake by 3X this year.” At the same time, he did not put it in exact numbers. The company is also looking forward to hiring people specialized in verticals such as AI, IoT, deep tech, space tech. with this booster hiring, the company is trying to strengthen its leadership as it sees higher growth in the technology sector. Tech Mahindra expects Unicorns and major tech companies as the major driving force for the growth.

A conscious path being traded by the company
This tumultuous period is making every company trade the path very carefully. The company is aware of the higher attrition rate.

With the tech workforce high in demand the company the experiencing a higher attrition rate of 17.2%. But according to the CEO, the company has plans in place for higher attrition as well. The company is planning to increase its hiring in tier 2 cities like Trivandrum, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, and Vizag.

The company said, that they have 80% of the employees who are vaccinated. But still, only 20% of the employees are working from the office, that too voluntarily. The company affirmed that according to common consensus till December 2021, working from the office will be voluntary only. In the last quarter of June 2021, Tech Mahindra registered $1383.6 million in revenues. The revenue clocked the improvement of 14.6%. The total workforce is 1.26 lakh for the quarter. The company also succeeded in signing new deals worth $815 Million.

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